Bess Vanrenen

Bess Vanrenen has an MA degree in English from the University of Colorado Boulder and an MFA degree in Creative Writing from Antioch University Los Angeles. Her short stories have been published in Sand Hill Review, the Magnolia Review, and KYSO Flash, and her newest story is forthcoming in Tampa Review. Her personal essays have been published in a variety of print and digital publications, including Role Reboot and the Manifest-Station. A writer, editor, and (mostly armchair) traveler, she lives in Denver with her family. She can be found online at

How to Develop a Writing Process

Whether you’re a fiction or nonfiction writer, developing a writing process will make you a more prolific writer and improve your craft. With a process in place, the act of writing becomes like any other routine task, such as getting out of bed or showering. It’s no longer a question whether you’re going to sit down and write—and that’s a powerful thing. Here’s how you can do that.

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