Kate Jonuska

Kate Jonuska is an indie author, freelance writer, and yoga teacher currently serving as Vice President of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers. Often dark and always speculative, her fiction crosses genres of literary fiction, science fiction, dystopia, and satire. Her first novel, Transference, was a Denver Post Staff Pick, and her nonfiction book, The Dictionary of Fiction Critique, is now in its second edition. Follow Kate on Twitter, @kjonuska, or find her online at katejonuska.com.

Don’t Skip Critique!

If you want to publish a polished, well-crafted piece of writing, you’ll likely need feedback to help guide your revisions. Most authors, however, aren’t ready for a professional editor after the first draft. Instead, join a writer’s critique group! They’re free, they’ll make you a better writer, and they’ll help build your network. Here’s how.

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