Rivvy Neshama

Rivvy Neshama is a member of Boulder Editors. Her award-winning book, Recipes for a Sacred Life: True Stories and a Few Miracles, has been praised for being “moving,” “inspiring,” and “laugh-out-loud.”

Your Book is Being Published–Yay! What to Do Now: Part 5

Selling on Amazon and Giving Your Book Away All authors clamor to receive the potential blessings of Amazon. But the ways of Amazon are mysterious and known to few (they even puzzle most publishers). Still, one widely spread belief is that you get more leverage and publicity via Amazon if you acquire a sufficient number […]

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Your Book Is Being Published—Yay! What to Do Now: Part 4b

What My Publisher and Publicist Did, What I Did, and What We Did Together One of my pre-pub fantasies was seeing my book displayed at airports and watching rushed travelers grab a copy for the plane. Read on…. Airports My publisher’s distributor tried to get us airport bookstore placement to no avail. (You or your […]

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