Laurel Kallenbach

Laurel Kallenbach is a book editor and a writer who has far too many words in the current draft of her novel. She has a master’s degree in creative writing from Syracuse University and is a graduate of the Lighthouse Writers Workshop Book Project. She can be found online at

Caution: This Article Contains Sensitive Content about Trigger Warnings

Writing a memoir, novel, essay, magazine article, or blog post sometimes requires authors to tackle some tough topics, including content that might be psychologically or emotionally difficult to read, especially to those who have experienced a trauma. How do we balance realistic depictions or discussions of challenging content with the needs of readers who could potentially be traumatized? Trigger warnings might—or might not—help. Here’s how.

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What Proofreaders Do (and Don’t Do)

Many authors confuse the job of the proofreader with that of the copyeditor. Both are vital for helping create a polished version of your writing, yet these word experts work at two completely different stages of the editing process. After the copyediting stage—when overall content plus grammar and style are addressed—comes the proofreading stage. Generally, […]

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